Monday, July 13, 2009

What. A. Day!

Where to begin? This trip has certainly built to a crescendo at this point and we have one more expedition day at sea. But this day will be difficult to top. To whit:

We cruised into the most distant portion of Hornsund Fjord to the calving face of the Samavinvagen glacier were the captain of the Clipper Adventurer nestled the craft within about 200 m of the glacier.

After lunch we put the Zodiacs in the water and engaged in some touring, and I captured the following iconic image of the Arctic Ocean: the turquoise blue glacial ice berg:

In addition, let's not forget the surrounding rocks. Spitsbergen is sliced by a series of north-south trending thrust faults, and here's a snap of older limestones that have been pushed atop younger shales:

And believe it or not, an arctic fox was nipping at the heals of a polar bear that was rooting around close to its burrow:

The trip's not over... stay tuned!


  1. You are going to be spoiled rotten by the time you get home! Every day life back in the "real world" won't be able to compare to what you're experiencing right now!