Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The walrus haul-out...

at Poolepynten on Prins Karls Forland was nothing short of spectacular this afternoon. Countless walrus were enjoying the sunny afternoon on a sunny gravel beach while others were bathing in the shallow offshore waters. Our group was able to approach within 10 m without disturbing the giant marine mammals.

These two curious walrus swam right up to the beach and entertained us for 20 minutes or so before swimming on their merry way. I'd say we watched and photographed about 60 in total.


  1. Yeah, but how do they smell?

  2. What a spectacular, amazing journey you have been on! You were certainly "blessed" with wonderful weather. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Viking ancestors.


  3. I can tell you that the walrus smell was gawd awful, but it was hardly noticeable given the extraordinary nature of the experience.