Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reflections on my recent travels...

to the Arctic:
  • The ASUS netbook is a terrific traveling computer: image-management/tweaking and blogging in a compact package. Plus it contained my PowerPoint lectures that I delivered aboard ship. Many passengers were inquiring about the teeny PC. I think I may have sold a few.
  • The Canon G10 is a great field camera but lousy for wildlife photography. Its wide angle capabilities plus the macro mode are awesome, but when using the telephoto the image quality degrades. Not complaining - just the facts. There is no substitute for a good long lens on a DSLR for capturing wildlife.
  • Don't forget nail clippers and Gold Bond powder next time.
  • Need to bring more mid-weight layers when venturing north.
  • Northwest Airlines sucks. Big time. Every aspect.
Hope this helps fellow/future travelers!

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  1. I'm looking into upgrading my ASUS 1000HD when possible to the nVidia Ion powered Lenovo Ideapad S-12. It's 12", weighs just a little more, and measures an extra inch in length and width. It gets six hours of battery life and I think I would appriciate those extra two inches of visual real estate (especially given how much I used PhotoShop for Hydrogeology). While weighting 3.5 oz more than my ASUS 1000 (including the six cell battery) I think the boost in screen size and multimedia performance is worth looking at. A version of the S-12 is already available with a more conventional chipset, but Lenovo will be releasing the nVidia Ion version later this year, that's the one I'm looking at getting.