Monday, August 10, 2009

Dissipating impact scar...

near the south polar region of Jupiter, presented as a time lapse move spanning the last three weeks. The impact site is marked by the black smudge, just to the upper right of center. A series of still images have been converted to polar projection and stitched together by clever amateur astronomers, and presented courtesy of

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  1. That's cool! What's the black blob on the outside of the image?

  2. Good question. I've examined the 13 frames of this animated .gif movie and it appears to be moving faster than the rotating atmosphere. So I am guessing that it is the shadow of a transiting moon, a pretty common occurrence on Jupiter (i.e. the same as a lunar eclipse for us.)

  3. Follow-up... Here's another movie that shows transiting moons Europa and Io and their accompanying shadows on the Jovian atmosphere: