Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's past the peak of the Perseids...

but here's a nice image gallery hosted at The image above was taken by "NASA astronomers Danielle Moser and Bill Cooke [who] made the composite of 130+ Perseids that flew over the Marshall Space Flight Center on August 12th."

I was prepared to attempt to do some photography myself but the two nights of cloudy/drizzly weather in the Pacific Northwest defeated my efforts. Dang.

UPDATE: Interestingly this year's event exhibited a triple peak.

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  1. The Perseids display in Cortez was a bust this year. Despite clear skies (some wildfire smoke present), we only saw 2 good blazers in about an hour's worth of gazing. Tried before moonrise and then later around 12:30. Maybe next year...