Sunday, February 1, 2009

My small dinner party...

with friends/colleagues last evening was a smashing good time. It was fun to share the yummy Thai shrimp curry I had prepared with company.

Highlights of the evening involved us gathering in the frigid darkness on the back deck to catch a very bright transit of the International Space Station - it cruised by directly overhead in its 220-mile high orbit. Then we viewed what can arguably be described as the best geo-comedy ever made, the 1990 movie Tremors. It's Jaws but with giant, vicious worms. No spoilers here - just watch it sometime. I promise it's big fun. (Note: the sequels are lousy - don't bother.)

But perhaps the most memorable experience of the entire night involved kumquats. I had never tasted one of these gems before, and I can best describe them as tiny citrus bombs that explode in your mouth. Give 'em a try sometime to zest up a salad - support the kumquat growers of America.

See, science nerds can have fun too.

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