Saturday, February 7, 2009

Knock, knock...

Who's there? It turns out some presumptuous Christians wanting to proselytize. Really. Just moments ago my quiet Saturday morning at my digital cottage in the forest was disrupted by these uninvited intruders. I sent them on their way with a respectfully polite and cheery "thanks, but no thanks" but I really wanted to say more.

Hey, I fully realize that I'm going to Hell and I don't need anyone to remind me of that fact. I anticipate better parties, more fascinating people, and certainly a lot more interesting geology there than what the alternative offers.


  1. Yay spelunking in magma!

  2. I completely agree. Go away and leave me in peace. When you get to hell, if you are teaching the geology of hell or spelunking in magma, I would like to sign up to come with!