Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Global warming?

What global warming? The national forecast map for overnight lows this evening shows that approximately 90 percent of the country will experience below freezing temperatures.

Global warming? Bring it on.


  1. I have heard numerous references to your global warming rant, both from you and from others... but I've never heard the rant itself. I'm awfully curious to hear it, as I remain undecided as to what is causing the atmosphere to warm (normal procession of geologic events or human interference?). Any chance you would like to share your thoughts?

  2. Where does one begin? I subscribe more-or-less to the same views as geologist Don Easterbrook (leading Quaternary expert and glacial geologist) at Western Washington University as outlined in this recent abstract:

    As this blog develops I'll happily expand commentary on this important subject. There is no doubt that human activity affects the atmosphere, but I don't believe it is an overriding factor, and I look toward longer-term geologic and astronomic controls as being more significant (solar cycles, Milankovitch cycles, closing of the isthmus of Panama, etc.)

    Regardless of what Al Gore may say (including his propaganda piece "An Inconvenient Truth") the debate is far from over. Unfortunately the media have seized on the more hysterical and catastrophic reports and have presented no contrary views by credentialed scientists.

  3. Should humans begin to slow down using up the Earth's natural resources and producing so much garbage? I understand that Earth has cycles but can our every day actions really "destroy" our wonderful planet?

  4. Interesting reference. I don't read much about that point of view anymore on most of the existing climate blogs. (Of course, blogs aren't everything, and I'm no Quat. geo!)