Saturday, January 31, 2009

UPDATE: Mount Redoubt...

hasn't erupted - yet. The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) web server has been overloaded because of all the media interest in the volcano. Here's a brief statement issued by the AVO on Friday:
"An AVO observation flight yesterday afternoon reported no sign of ash emission, but observed significant steaming from a new melt depression at the mouth of the summit crater near the vent area of the 1989-90 eruption."
We all know a watched pot never boils. Perhaps the corollary is that a watched volcano never erupts?


"Seismicity over the last hour has included the reappearance of periods of weak tremor at the summit stations. These signals are much weaker than the episodes from Friday afternoon. Observers from the gas/observation flight today report continued melting at the summit area. Holes in the ice continue to grow exposing more steaming rock. Volcanic gases continue to be detected."

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