Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arriving in the mail...

today (actually delivered by UPS) is a new DeLonghi coffee maker. Complete with digital programmable timer for on/off, an "aroma" mode, pause and serve function, two-hour auto-shutoff, and more!

The perfect convergence of technology and love of coffee.

Mmm. Java.

UPDATE: A bit larger than I expected but very nicely made. Too many buttons to press - I'll have to read the manual. I can't wait to bathe in the pleasures of "aroma" mode. I wonder if it has a USB port?

UPDATED UPDATE: I managed to run a full brew of plain water through the device despite sipping on a Cabernet.

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: Here is a link to the product. I was going to use it a bit before recommending it, but inquiring minds want to know. Thanks, SC, for your comment.

1 comment:

  1. What, no link to the model? The public needs to see this thing. Plus I might want one for myself.