Thursday, January 22, 2009

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if you're not a computer geek.

I just added 500 GB of network storage to the home network in my digital cottage in the forest with a Western Digital My Book World Edition. Thanks, bro, for the gift. The installation of the dual-drive unit was easy and clean. Just plug it into the router using an Ethernet cable and install the software. Transfer rate on the net is ~1.15 MB/sec. And it even has blue-glowing LED lights just like the satellite modem. Groovy.

Seriously, this will solve a growing problem that a lot of people may be experiencing, and one that will only get worse. My digital images were proliferating to an unmanageable level on four computers (home, laptop, office, and now my new netbook) and this will help me get them all organized. FYI, I like the free Picasa 3.0 as an image organizer and quick editor.

Social commentary detour (heck, I've got a Ph.D.... a Doctor of Philosophy, so I might as well use it.)

The day has finally arrived when we are able to carry the entire history of our lives in a package the size of a paperback novel. All of the digital media that we create - our work products - and that which defines us - our pictures and favorite music - can be encoded on devices that are ever shrinking in size. Pretty profound. And convenient. It's you on a thumb drive.

If you're into this kind of thinking be sure to read Ray Kurzweil's book Singularity.

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