Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A report from the field...

from the Nebraska Star Party by the Bu bro, with an included image of my 12-y-o niece silhouetted by the glow of the aurora borealis:
"NSP was pretty nice. The weather was threatening the first night but did clear up around midnight. We didn't have much stamina that night so only stayed until about 0100. The next two nights were very good. Tuesday night we saw the Northern Lights, a first for me. Not wavy curtains or anything exceptionally cool, but neat to see and contemplate.

Here is a photo inspired and composed by J; I pulled the trigger. 30 seconds exp, so she is a bit blurry. Northern Lights. They did not look that green, but to the camera sensor, I guess it was."
I can personally attest that star parties are a lot of fun, and one of the best occurs in Washington each summer - the Table Mountain Star Party.

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