Monday, December 26, 2011

Upper Courthouse Wash...

on the west side of Arches National Park was the focus of a walkabout several days ago, and this Google Earth image shows the incised drainage east of highway 191 (click images to enlarge):
I stuck mostly to the upper plateau surface on the sunny and windless day, satisfied with views from the rim into the partially shaded canyon:

The national park boundary was obviously marked, and I strictly obeyed the instructions found there lest the rangers come after me:
Trace fossils consisting of horizontal tracks and/or burrows were etched in relief on some bedding planes in the Moab Tongue Member of the Entrada Sandstone:
There were good views into the Windows section of Arches NP to the east, and you can spy North and South Window Arches to the right of center:
And to the south, the snow-draped La Sal Mountains provided a distant backdrop as I meandered along the sandstone escarpment:

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