Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm heading south...

for a couple of weeks to my red rock desert retreat in Castle Valley, Utah, where the days are reliably sunny and temperatures a bit warmer.  Although the days are still short, I reserve a bunch of hikes in south-facing canyons for exploration this time of year.

I'm up early and will head out shortly.  Will check in on the other end.

UPDATE:  Arrived a while ago under a crystalline starry night - Orion rose above the La Sals as I rolled into the Moab area.  Will build a fire tomorrow to warm this place up, but I thought I'd update the blog while I'm waiting for the Scotch to take effect.  Good night.


  1. The perfect place to unwind! What hikes do you have planned?.

  2. If I listed them here, then everyone would crowd them this time of year! Stay tuned... I'll post some pics in the coming days.