Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hidden Valley...

is the focus of today's exploration, and it is bound by faults parallel to the main Moab-Spanish Valley fault, seen here in a textbook cross-sectional view (click images to enlarge):
After climbing more than 700 ft above the trail head, followed by a short walk, one arrives at a towering wall of varnished sandstone with abundant rock art along its length:
Most of the petroglyphs are easily observed at ground level:
I particularly like this chorus line of anthropomorphic figures:
At the point where I turned around there is a nice view into the densely jointed sandstone terrain of The Land Behind the Rocks towards the north:
And so ends my last sojourn of this holiday.  I'll pack tomorrow, shut down the house and say goodbye to my terrific neighbors, then head north on New Year's Eve day.

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