Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great Blue Herons...

are occupying their rookery  - actually called a herony - at milepost 9 on SR 128 (the "River Road" upstream of  Moab) in a grove of Gambel oaks on the opposite bank of the Colorado River.  I drive  this road between my place and the big city of  Moab, so this is a favorite place of mine to pull off and observe the activity.  Today I captured several good shots with my big lens.

Here's a nesting pair, with the one on the left having just returned from a fishing trip (click images to enlarge):
And no sooner did it arrive, off it goes again:
Note the heron sitting in the adjacent nest, in the lower-left of the image:
I'll strive to take some better images and share them in the future.  Meanwhile, learn more about Ardea herodias here.

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  1. I have a quail nesting in a flower pot on my patio with 14 eggs, due to hatch this week!