Friday, April 20, 2012

Chargers, batteries, cables, adapters,...

SD memory cards, netbook, thumb drives, USB external hard drive, GPS, cameras, lenses, microfiber cloth and lenspen, monopod, binoculars, headphones, maps, guidebooks, passport, e-tickets, yada, yada, yada are all strewn about as I go through my final preparations for extended international travel with Zegrahm Expeditions.  Departure is imminent:  I jet out of Grand Junction, Colorado this Sunday for Dallas, then onto Madrid and finally Dakar, where I'll board the Clipper Odyssey for a month of exploration of the eastern Atlantic region.

My Powerpoint lectures for presentation on board are pretty much in final form on my netbook, covering topics ranging from general plate tectonics to hotspot volcanism, with specific tidbits about local geology (Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Rock/Straits of Gibraltar, etc.) that we'll experience along our route.  I've also included snippets on the historic observations of the numerous islands we'll visit made by Columbus and Darwin on their famous voyages.  On top of this, I'm also the designated expedition photographer, and so there is considerable extra gear to organize and carry.  I think I'm pretty much ready.

Oh yeah, my toothbrush.

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  1. Glad you remembered your toothbrush!!