Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two volcanoes in two days...

was my goal, so I set my sites on Mount McLoughlin today, seen here to the north across Lake of the Woods:
The sign at the trailhead offers guidance and warnings to the casual visitor, as this is indeed an arduous hike that climbs ~ 4,100 ft over 5.5 mi (though there are no technical challenges on the route):
Once you emerge from the trees the summit comes into view, but still more than a mile away and a thousand feet higher:
By noon I was on top and enjoying commanding vistas of Upper Klamath Lake (upper right) and Fourmile Lake (center left) where I spent the night before:
And here's a self portrait after I descended a short distance from the summit to eat a snack, with an attempt at pointing out where I came from:

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