Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Geology was his destiny...

as this photograph of Professor Ernest Gilmour in his early years clearly shows.  Please consider attending a reception this afternoon from 3-5 pm in PUB 206 to celebrate his long career in the EWU Department of Geology.  Refreshments will be served and everyone is invited to attend.

RELATED:   Here's a more contemporary image of Professor Gilmour to compare with his childhood photo shown above.

UPDATE:  The morning started with Ernie sharing tea with buddy and erstwhile professor WP, finding that their usual table in the Pence Union Building was reserved for the special day (click to enlarge):
Later in the afternoon at the reception, dozens and dozens of family, faculty, staff, administrators and students dropped in to wish Ernie well by signing a large poster:
That's Ernie's daughter on the left, and EWU President Arevalo on the right, and a group of geology students in the background hovering around the food:
And here's Ernie with his wife, Venera:
In sum, it was a very, very nice occasion for everyone.  We'll certainly miss your contributions and commitment to the success of the geology program, Ernie.

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