Friday, March 11, 2011

Massive 8.9 mag earthquake...

and accompanying tsunami strikes Japan, triggering warnings throughout the Pacific region.  And here are the details of the tremor from the USGS, the fifth largest recorded in the world.

RELATED:  Here's the latest tsunami warning for the west coast of the US, and a forecast map of wave height:

UPDATE: Here's the seismogram of the tremor as recorded at EWU:

Lastly, here's a photogallery of the horrific destruction.


  1. Scary stuff, with very vivid videos splashed across the media this morning. I called my sister while she was carpooling the kids to school and informed her of the event and the warnings and advisories for the whole west coast. She was unaware of any of this.

  2. I just talked to a Santa Cruz relative back in from's up....some guys went out. 5-7 ft break. The harbor boats are trashed, but no one hurt.