Friday, March 2, 2012

Pics from the past...

taken during one of many climbing trips to the Bugaboo Mountains in British Columbia (click images to enlarge).  I'm tweaking a lecture on alpine glaciation and found these while looking for images to use in the presentation.

This adventure, in the late-1990s, set the objective of climbing Snowpatch Spire with partners RE and JL, seen in silhouette below:
Here's the view of the crevassed glacier below, from a point about midway on the ascent:
I've momentarily paused my belay of RE, seen lower-right, as I snap a shot showing the broad glacial valley and lateral moraines:
Once on top the Pigeon Spire (left) and Howser Towers (distance) present themselves in spectacular fashion:
And here's the requisite hero shot on the summit:
Indeed, life begins above tree line.