Monday, July 4, 2011

Mel and me...

on Independence Day, 2011 (click images to enlarge):
That's Mount Mellenthin, 2nd highest peak in the La Sal Mountains, topping out at 12,645 ft.  I soloed a broad traverse today, starting at Geyser Pass (alas, no geothermal features, just named after a rancher dude Al Geyser) and ascended the northwest ridge, over the top, and descended the northeast ridge.  Fantastic.

This was the view from the summit, to the north:
And to the south, toward Mount Peale (highest in the range):
And here's a splash of color amid the scree provided by Polemonium viscosum (Sky Pilot):
I'm wishing you all a similarly joyful holiday.


  1. Now, THAT'S a good "little" ascent! Thx for the great pix

  2. Beautiful pictures!!