Thursday, June 16, 2011

The architecture in Riga, Latvia...

follows the so-called Art Nouveau style, with carved facades and stucco frontages, colored tiles and distinctive but varied window shapes, and I have to say, it is stunning to see the edifices firsthand (click to enlarge):
A contemplative moment was spent in a local medieval cathedral later in the morning, where a diminutive organist played a gigantic organ for our group, after which I explored the surrounding grounds:
Remarkably, the Riga Central Market is housed in a series of WWI German Zeppelin hangars, now completely enclosed:
Inside, bustling meat, flower, fish, spice, vegetable and other markets churn with the constant activity of everyday life in Riga:
As we set on our voyage late in the afternoon, it becomes clear that the Port of Riga is also a large coal-exporting site on the Baltic:
I was most amazed, however, by the skillful ability of the fashionable Latvian women to navigate the cobblestone streets in their high heels without missing a step.  Incredible.

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